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We are living in a world in which some people are so conscious about their health and diets while some take this matter for granted. Diet is the most confusing and big debate. We are told on every platform that diet and workout is the only key to stay healthy and to lead a long life, to some extent it is true, but this is not enough there are many other factors as well behind your health. Apart from this fact, women are even more conscious in this context rather than men, but there are diet plans for both genders as per their routines. The energy expenditure of men is more, and so their calorie intake is also relatively higher than women i.e. 2,200 or 2,800 calories per day.
If we consider the overall dieting patterns than the Mediterranean diet is ranked # 1 diet and considered as the easiest and healthy diet plan. Coming towards that men’s perspective, as they need more calorie, but we also know that they are lazy enough to follow the proper diet plans. So according to some pieces of researches, there are many diets designed for men that are amazingly easy to follow.

Six small meals in a day
As the name says it all, the person must take 300 calories 6 times in a day with short intervals. The science behind this is that, when a person eats proteins, veggies and other starchy foods all at ones they are comparatively hard to digest while the short parts are easy to digest and also cover up your per day calorie requirements.
Three squares a day
In this type the person should take meal 3 times a day, but the interval amid lunch and dinner should be 7-8 hours so that he can consume a good amount of dinner.

This includes healthy food and skipping the meal. Like, take a protein shake after a morning workout and some regular snacks in the afternoon or veggies only and a good dinner at night.

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