Bust Your Plateau

by Adult Hood TV

Without a doubt, physical plateaus are going to occur. It’s not a question of if, but
when it will happen. The larger question is how long the plateau will last. If you’re in
a plateau now, don’t fret because one of the techniques below will help you to break

1) Perform exercises that you hate. The body grows when presented with new
challenges, so perform those exercises and movements that you hate to perform.
More than likely, they’re not even in your workout routine.

2) Heavy versus light weight, and vice versa. If you train with light weights, try
working out for several weeks with heavier weights. If you train with heavy weights,
try using lighter weights.

3) Not all cardio is the same. Instead of doing steady-state cardio, try HIIT cardio.
HIIT cardio is proven to result in more fat loss than steady-state cardio and in less

4) Speed up your workout’s tempo. Cut your recovery time between reps and sets
to 60 seconds or less. Keep it moving.

5) Change it up. Change the order of your exercise(s) and/or the days that you
exercise. If you always train chest on Monday, switch it to Thursday. Instead of
training hamstrings then quads, reverse it.

6) Modify your set and rep count. If you normally perform 3 sets of 10 reps, try 4-
5 sets with 12-15 reps.

7) Exhaust the muscle. Include supersets and giant sets in your workout, especially
for slowly developing muscle groups like the deltoids and legs.

8) Slow your rep tempo. Instead of a 1:1 tempo (one second negative, one second
positive), try slowing down your tempo to a 3:3 tempo (3 seconds negative, 3
seconds positive) to increase the time under tension. 

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