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by Adult Hood TV
  1. Tell us something interesting about yourself that people don’t ordinarily know about you.

Something people wouldn’t ordinarily know about me is that I’m VERY flexible both in my personality and body. I grew up dancing and am able to put both of my feet behind my head! I can also do this weird back thing where I move my bones around it’s not hot. 

  1. Modeling is a big part of your life, could you tell us what inspired you to start your journey has been like to this point?

I started modeling about a year ago. I had just gotten out of a six year relationship and I thought, “what’s going to make me feel sexy?” I wanted something to focus on that would help make me a better version of myself and could also be a creative outlet.  I started by having my mom take photos of me when we would go on vacation and soon enough Maxim Australia approached me to shoot with them in Africa! From there, more and more opportunities arose. I am truly thankful to social media and the opportunities that have arose from posting photos.

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me for @guess by @joshryanphotos

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  1. If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

Modeling, interestingly enough, has led me to be able to express something I’m truly passionate about. Being a model and posting photos in my bikini or in lingerie has warranted both positive and negative attention. I’ve struggled in the past with how to deal with the negative attention and after months of being frustrated, I started responding with humurous remarks that actually made me feel empowered. I don’t like leaving the bullies in the dark and ignoring them I think it should be confronted. When in quarantine I though about how I wanted to spend my time so I created an Instagram account called @dudesinthedm. I post mine and other models DMs and sometimes our reply to them. It has been nice bringing to light the kinds of creepy/ funny things that are in girls DMs. 

  1. You look incredible, what are some of you favorite ways to work out?

Thank you! (Or do you guys say this to all the models). JK. I actually own a Pilates studio so I’m very fortunate to be able to work out whenever I want (for free). Aside from Pilates, I train with a private trainer at a gym called Dogpound in West Hollywood. I truly need a private trainer to yell at me the whole time or else I will end up laying on the floor and napping. It’s sometimes hard to stay motivated with eating healthy and working out. I definitely enjoy the occasional pizza from Dominos and by occasional I mean weekly. 

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anti quarantine quarantine club

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  1. Turn ons?

A big turn on for me is when people are kind and smell good. There is nothing better than a well dressed man who smells good and is kind to everyone around him! I will admit, however, my humor is a little dark and at times a little odd so it will take a certain kind of man to be my next boyfriend. He gets triple points if he’s close to his family and will go fishing with my father. 

  1. Turn offs?

The biggest turn off is when someone assumes my dog is a boy. I know that sounds a little odd, but you’d be surprised how often that happens! Pebbles (my dog) is a little stalky and big boned we shall say and so people always assume she’s a boy and it’s really upsetting for the both of us! She’s a lady! The second biggest turn off is when someone says she is fat. She’s not fat! She’s thicker than a snickers- but NOT fat!

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home is where the pants aren’t. @banshee.swim

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  1. When you are not busy modeling, what is you favorite thing to do?

When I’m not busy modeling I am at home with my French bulldog Pebbles. She looks like a little cow that fits on your lap- so I call her my lap cow. I really am a homebody that enjoys food and wine. The great outdoors aren’t so great to me (to experience). I definitely appreciate nature and see the beauty in it but I like to marvel at it from my couch by watching survival shows on the History Channel. A nice ( OK $12 bottle)  glass of wine and a good show with my dog in my lap is my favorite thing in the world to do. Is that sad?

  1. Which three words best describe you?

Dark humor/ tits

  1. What would you say is the most difficult part about being a model?

I believe the hardest part of being a model is the backlash you get on social media. If I feel sexy in a swimsuit or lingerie or topless, why does posting it make it OK to get so much negative attention? I feel like as a society we’ve accepted cyberbullying just as something “that happens” and if you’re a model “you’re asking for it” and that’s so wrong to me. We shouldn’t accept this kind of behavior and it’s why I started the @dudesinthedm account. I’m hoping to shed light on this subject (and make people laugh in the process).

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Aquaholic ????

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  1. So, where to from here… what are your plans for the future?

My plan from here is to build my account @dudesinthedm so big that I’m able to have a large platform to discuss cyberbullying, slut-shaming, and body positivity. I feel so strongly about this topic and really want to help other people struggling with this issue. Of course I want to find love and marriage and yada yada yada but it’s just too hard to date in quarantine! I tried 2 FaceTime dates and realized it’s just not for me. So all my quartanTIME is spent focusing on my passion of calling out creeps in the DMs. 

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