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The lifestyle of people nowadays is very hectic, especially if we consider men, they have a lot more work to do as compare to women. Women are comparatively more towards the household, but men usually work in firms, in offices and more they are seen on the field works. On the other hand, they had to fulfill all the basic needs and luxuries of their families. Sometimes all these things and the hectic schedule indulge them in the state of anxiety and stress. It is seen that when the male category feels down or sick, they are more likely to take multivitamins and supplements despite any visit to the doctor.

Considering the variety of multivitamins and supplements, the market has an immense variety of them. All of them have multiple functions, but some vitamins that are important for your brain or mind are Vitamin B and Vitamin B12. The importance of the brain is more here, as it is accountable for all the rest of the body’s health and functions. Many other vitamins are also there but they might benefit your brain indirectly like; Vitamin C, K and E, however, the above two mentioned vitamins directly work for your brain and reduce depression, headaches, anxiety or any other stress. Vitamin B boosts the level of homocysteine which is important for brain health. Vitamin E and C both have high antioxidant activity, the supplements having these vitamins are considered as protective against brain as per several pieces of research.

Some natural supplements that are good for the human brain are Fish Oils as it holds DHA and EPA necessary to keep brain structure, Resveratrol which improves memory as per many human studies. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and the person feels more alert and less tired. Some others are Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba which is an herbal supplement, etc. The other supplements in the market are considered as harmful directly or indirectly as they hold many other harmful ingredients other than vitamins and minerals. So, it is better to shift towards the natural and beneficial supplements and vitamins rather than the artificial and harmful ones

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