Why is Sommer ray famous?

by Adult Hood TV


Sommer Ray’s biography is one of the most interesting biographies on our blog. Sommer is an American Internet celebrity and a Youtuber, who gained popularity on the web after exposing her attractive body to the massive audience! Sommer Ray became a star after getting a lot of attention on Instagram, and today she can boast with over 18 million followers!

Sommer Ray often posts photos in which she poses in some Calvin Klein (under)wear, so her income is not based only on views and likes, she gets paid nicely from the fashion labels. Her YouTube channel is pretty popular as well, and she has more than 1.2 million subscribers and 37 million views! She often posts vlog videos, Q&A’s and her friend Alissa Violet, who is also a famous Instagram model, is featured in a few of them.

Although she looks like a fitness model, Sommer Ray devoted her life to vlogging, instead of competing. Her whole family is influential on social media, and her mom Shannon Ray looks pretty fit as well! Her younger sister Skylyn is more into weed than fitness, but she has almost 240k followers on Instagram.


Sommer Ray earns up to $26k per Instagram post! Seems like a lot of money for posting some butt photos online, but not everyone can attract 18 million followers! Secondly, her YouTube channel is also very popular, and her video “Life of Sommer Ray | Vlog 3” in which she revealed her daily routine and gym workout has over 3.4 million views!

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